Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I honestly am starting to think I will never have a "normal" sleep schedule again. This has been the past few days
Saturday - slept about 15 hours.
Sunday - up all night.
Monday - about 6 hours, was up at 130am.
Tuesday - about the same as Monday, up at 1:30am again.

130am is a little early to start the day!

I am sitting here freezing. I was hot when I first woke up, but now I'm freezing. I don't think I'll ever be normal again in that aspect either; I'm always cold. I just turned the heat up 2 degrees, maybe I'll warm up a little.

Today (Wednesday) I have to take Mike to his pain doc appointment bc he is getting injections done. We are hoping these help.
Friday morning I get up bright and early (shouldn't be a problem) and go grocery shopping.
Next week is busy. Monday I see the dentist and Thursday I see my surgeon. I'm glad they were able to get me in a little sooner. This stomach pain has been crazy.

I'm officially done with this semester. Looks like 1 A, 2 B's, and 2 C's. Not thrilled about the C's, but at least it is passing. Considering everything that happened this semester and how distracted and unfocused I have been, I did a lot better than I thought I would.

Well, that's my short little update. I am not feeling so great. My ear is hurting again. Guess I'll start using that damn Flonase stuff again today. It makes everything taste funny though. Its like spraying flowery flavored beer in my nose and the taste gets in my mouth. But it does help my allergies.

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